Arahova Products offers Fire Grilled Kebabs and Souvlaki including a variety of quick and healthy alternatives to home cooked meals that are ideal for today’s busy families.

Our Famous Sauces
Arahova sauces & dips are available in grocery stores such as our famous "tzatziki sauce" which has won numerous awards. Also available, “Tzatziki Light”, which holds 50% less fat than our regular tzatziki but delivers the same great taste for those healthy conscious consumers. In addition we also offer selected sauces such as our "Taramosalata" a traditional Greek dip of red caviar with potatoes. Our Hummus collection includes, Traditional Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Hummus & Olive and a Spicy Hummus. Our family of different "Feta Cheese Dips”, such as Feta Cheese & Greek Olives, Hot Feta Cheese Dip, Roasted Red Pepper & Feta Cheese. Our newest addition is an excellent Greek "Spinach Dip" made with a hint of garlic. All of these sauces are excellent party favorites as they can be served with pita bread, vegetables or with any potato chip or cracker. Arahova dips can be tasted in our Party Platter assortment package, offering a  variety for everyone to enjoy!

Our products, can be found at the following grocery stores: